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Entry #2

Holla!! ITs Y0 Booy!!

2008-10-25 04:16:43 by Old-Voycoon-Studios

The O.V.S. aka (Old-Voycoon-Studios) also known as NES, Neselite, Voycoon, and way way back... Dark Elder..
The majority of my animations aren't that good..I have made it one of my life ambitions to get some NG rep with one of my flashes

I have a 1337 profile :p


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2009-02-06 02:40:27

Hey NES, it looks like your post count is at 1333 instead of 1337 now. I think four posts must have been deleted or something.

Hows it going?

Old-Voycoon-Studios responds:

Going good yo! Yeah I'm going to get that back too 1337 soon enough. As well as my protection score. 1337 or bust.